About us


Max-TM is a Brand Development Agency with a difference, a new approach.

During our 20 years in business we have enjoyed many success stories with our partners, but have also witnessed occasions where results didn’t meet expectations.

Where potential wasn’t maximised!

Our great successes have always been built on a foundation of total professionalism, detailed planning, insight, first class execution and a real understanding of return on investment, all underpinned with partner relationships which engender outstanding performance.

So where can potential fall short?

Potential is not realised when integration across disciplines breaks down. An outstanding campaign reaches an audience, but if in-store activation falters, then the campaign fails. A great looking pack is of little use if it is not FIR compliant. Exporting is a great idea but you need to understand the requirements around shipping and commodity codes.

How then do we maximise potential?

At Max-TM we maximise potential through a policy of vertical integration. We absolutely maintain the qualities which have built our foundation and understand that relationships are vital to growth and success, but we build our model around the principle of harmonising disciplines and, as a consequence, remove the circumstances which can lead to potential not being fulfilled.

In short, we now own and control more of the disciplines necessary to maximise potential, and in so doing, remove reasons and excuses for performance shortfall.

We identify brands with outstanding potential, then provide a totally integrated approach to growth. We identify, like, import, sell, distribute, market and maximize the potential of brands seeking to grow in the UK and EU.

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